Spice Market

When I was in middle school, Spice Market became the place to be. We went often to enjoy their prix-fixe lunch menu, where we salivated over the Black Pepper Shrimp and Dried Pineapple, which is enrobed in a sweet and sour tamarind chutney, and the Spiced Chicken Samosas, which are perfectly spiced with a crisp, light crunch. The restaurant specializes in asian fusion, which, being Indian, we appreciate. However, it is the level of authenticity that really takes it to the next level. Those samosas? They’re better than many of the ones you would find in India.

As the years passed by, Spice Market changed its marketing strategy. They disposed of the prix-fixe lunch and replaced it with a bento box lunch. It was good, but it just didn’t match up- not to mention the fact that they removed our two favorite items from the lunch special. We would go and order straight off the menu, but we found ourselves drawn to Vongs, wthe owner’s other restaurant that was closer to our house. It was absolutely divine, with a similar palette as Spice Market, and we were crushed when it closed two years ago.  Of course, that sent us back to Spice Market. Their desserts have improved- the home-made sorbets and ice creams come packaged in mini Chinese take out containers, and the Ovaltine Kulfi is a chocoholic’s dream come true.

Now, they have re-instated the prix-fixe that we adored so much. The samosas are on there! Unfortunately, the black pepper shrimp is not, but you can always order that on the side. The restaurant itself is gorgeous, with teak temple-like structures and knick-knacks reminiscent of old Hollywood portrayals of Turkey. The service truly depends on who is waiting on you- some servers are gracious and welcoming, others just rush you along. However, the food is worth it, regardless. Reservations are recommended- this place has become one of NYC’s hot picks. Definitely check it out and let us know of your comments!





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